Yachting, modern art and picturesque bays of Croatia
14 — 21 of September

8 days
10 people
2 days at the Biennale
We admire contemporary art and we want to learn more about it. We invited our friend guide who knows everything about the Venice Biennale and will be happy to share this information with us.

Together we'll travel from picturesque Croatia to Italy and spend two days at the Venice Biennale. On the way we'll learn sailing, listen to art talks, visit national parks and wild bays and one morning we'll wake up in the center of the famous city on the water.

We'll stay on the yacht, you don't have to book the accommodation.

Art, sailing lessons, beautiful nature, great company and more await us. Yacht trip is a story full of adventure and new experiences!
Dmitry Urazov
CEO and Captain
We'll start in the Pula, stop in the national Park Brijuni, wake up in Venice and visit the Biennale.
On the 7th day we'll return back to Pula.


Pula, Croatia
We meet in Pula - the cultural center of the Istrian peninsula. Majestic ancient Roman buildings as well as traditions of winemaking, shipbuilding and fishing have been preserved in the city overlooking the Adriatic sea.

We check in the yacht, buy groceries for a week and have a team briefing. Then we have a welcome party with sparkling wine and local snacks.


Pula — Brijuni
Let the adventures begin!

Firstly we'll go to Brijuni National Park, which consists of several islands. Nature of the islands is extremely rich: oaks, pine trees, olive trees and rosemary grow there. Brijuni evergreen oak forests are considered to be one of the most beautiful in Croatia.

On the way to the archipelago we'll train to set sails and keep the course. Everyone will be able to keep the wheel and sail the yacht. At the spot we'll swim, have a picnic on one of the islands, and then spend the night in the wild bay.

The name of the Italian company Brijuni comes from these islands.

Brijuni — Rovinj
On the third day we'll go to the most photogenic city of Croatia - Rovinj. Its colorful houses with red tile roofs will attract our attention from afar.

We'll walk along narrow streets and explore the historical part of Rovinj with the main attraction - the Church of St. Euphemia, which rises above the whole city on a hill.

At night we'll move towards Venice. Those who wish, can learn the navigation by stars and experience the night crossing.

Full route

Rovinj — Venice, Italy
Overnight we'll cross the sea border with Italy and wake up in the heart of Venice!

Today we'll go on the first part of the Biennale tour with our guide. One of the pavilions, which received the Golden Lion award, will be Lithuanian. The installation involves 20 professional singers. They are slowly looking through books and social networks and they enjoy the beach. The audience watches them from above, from the sun view point.

In the evening we'll visit some local bars and restaurants and set up a Retro Carnival with beautiful masks.


We'll continue exploring Venice and get acquainted with contemporary art at the Biennale.

On the second day we'll visit Belgian pavilion with the project "Mondo Cane" ("Dog World"). The pavilion is divided in two parts: there are figures depicting artisans in the center, there is a parallel reality with "madmen, marginal people and poets" along the edges behind bars. These worlds don't connect to each other.

We'll have lunch at a local restaurant, visit the famous San Marco Piazza, take a ride on traditional gondolas or walk along the Rialto Bridge, which connects two parts of the city. At night we'll go to the Croatian Novigrad. Those who wish can strengthen their experience in navigation and night crossing.


Venice — Novigrad, Croatia
By morning we'll arrive in Novigrad, where we spend the whole day walking along the narrow streets and studying local architecture. Those who wish can spend some time on the local picturesque beaches and watch the sunset surrounded by friends at the ancient city.
DAY 7 and 8

Novigrad — Brijuni — Pula
In the morning we move towards Brijuni National Park, where we'll enjoy uninhabited islands and wildlife. On the way we'll strengthen our sailing skills. We'll swim, sunbathe, sip Prosecco on the deck and return slowly to Pula.

In the evening we'll have a farewell party, where we'll discuss the brightest moments of our adventure and dream about the next ones!

In the morning of the 8th day we'll wake up, have breakfast and leave the yachts till 9:00.

*Our routes are carefully thought out, but the weather conditions can make adjustments.
Dream Team
Our professional friends-organizers will stay with us throughout the whole journey.
Dmitry Urazov
Captain and CEO of the project Potok
Hi there!

It's me, Dima Urazov, the founder and the captain of the 'U Yacht Team'. My passion for yachting came from my childhood, when my grandfather taught me to sail the boat called «Dragon». Since 2012 I am a licensed captain of the IYT standard. For the past six years I have participated in 12 cruises, 2 Göcek Race Week regattas with experienced captains and took courses in human survival in open water. I have been organizing sailing trips around the world since 2018. More than 50 guys fell in love with yachting after taking part in my trips.

My adventures are not only about yachts, but also about friends. I'm so lucky I have a lot of friends who live all over the world. On our trips, we often visit them and make beautiful memories together. Send letters or write on Facebook, join us!
Vera Goleva
Event-producer in Potok
Vera takes care of our social networks, helps to organize the trips and makes sure you feel comfortable during the whole journey.
Karya Andreevna
Katya is an art historian and founder of an educational project, which includes lectures on art in Moscow and St. Petersburg. She also organizes trips to Italy, is well versed in Venice, knows its history and culture.
Participation fee
900 euro
What is included in the price:

— Place in double cabin
— 2 captain-instructors
— Lectures on contemporary art in Moscow
— The Venice Biennale guided tour
— Two-day tickets to the Biennale
— Learning the basics of sailing skills
— Motor boat
— Photo and video
— Safety instruction
— Fuel and Parking
— Final cleaning of the yacht
— Bed linen and towel
What is not included:

— Flights to Pula, Croatia ~ 100-200 euro
— Team purchase of products for a week ~ 50 euro per person
— Personal expenses ~ 150 euro

Stages of travel
Personal meeting
Prepayment for participation
Ticket purchase
Meeting the participants in the chat room
Getting travel instructions
Pre-party in Dor Dor gallery
Let's go!
Fill out the form and we'll contact you and answer your questions.
About travelling with us
What do our yachts look like?
We sail by the modern yacht — fr. yacht Benneteau Oceanis 41. The boat has everything you need for a comfortable life: 3 cabins with beds and wardrobes, 2 toilets with showers and hot water, a spacious living room with kitchen.

Most of the time we spend in the cockpit of the yacht (outdoor space), there is a table, sea air and sails.

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