we are in the Azores
Yachting, trekking, volcanoes and whales.
from 12th to 19th of October

8 days
3 islands
2 volcanoes
We like exploring extraordinary destinations, so we're going to the Azores in the Atlantic.

The Azores is a green Portuguese archipelago which consists of 9 islands. There is almost everything there: wild nature, green forests, volcanoes, mountain lakes and yachting. This time we cooperated with Denis Brezhnev, the founder of the Perekati Goru hiking agency and our good friend. We invented a route that consists of yachting part, trekking and auto expedition. The plan is: to gather on the island of San Miguel, stay on the German yacht Bavaria and explore the Azores for eight days.

We'll walk the picturesque trail of Santa Maria island, watch the sunset at the Ponta Du Castello lighthouse with the ocean view and travel all over the island of San Miguel with its calderasand numerous hot springs with Denis. In the ocean part of the route we'll learn the skills of sailing by professional captain – Dmitry Urazov. Everyone will be able to take the wheel and become a skipper. Join our trip from 12th to 19th of October.
Every day will be filled with stories and new impressions. Our 300 km yachting route, 146 km trip by car and 16 km of hiking are enough to remember the journey for the rest of your life.
Dmitry Urazov
CEO and Captain
Our Route

Ponta Delgada
The first day of the trip we'll devote to organizational moments: flight, arrival in the marina, purchase of products, accommodation on the yacht, briefing. In the evening we'll have a welcome party.

*Marina is a well-equipped harbour for yachts, where there is everything you need for comfortable life: showers and laundries.

Ponta Delgada — Santa Maria
After breakfast we'll leave the harbor, set sails and head to the remote island of Santa Maria, where we'll go trekking with Denis. Along the way we'll be able to train in sailing and to take the wheel. Someone can sit on the bow of the yacht with a book and relax.

Upon arrival in a small Portuguese village we'll cook dinner or go to a local restaurant. Those who wish can explore the area and visit the nearest black beach Praia Formosa.


Santa Maria
After breakfast we'll head east to San Lorenzo Bay by car. The first location of the trip will be the Poco da Pedreira quarry. We'll start a ten-kilometre circular trail here. The entire journey will take about 3.5 hours.

Then we'll go down to the beach of San Lorenzo - the best beach on the island. No hotels or tourists. There is a spectacular panorama of the ocean there. We'll have lunch at the restaurant Esplanada Ponte Negra and swim in the ocean. In the evening we'll watch sunset at Cape Ponta do Castello near the lighthouse.

Full route

Santa Maria — The Formigas — Vila Franco do Campo
In the morning we'll enjoy the silence of Santa Maria Island and the bell of a local church. Those who wish can go to the black beaches and have breakfast at a local café overlooking the Atlantic. In the crossing our captains will tell some sea stories, teach us to knit knots and navigate in navigation charts.

We'll have a stop at the rocks of Formigas, where the coral reef of Dollabarat is located. The fauna of the rocks is diverse: Mediterranean parrotfish, migrating whale shark and rays.


Vila Franco do Campo — Lagoa do Fogo — Furnas
We'll drive to the lake Lagoa do Fogo in the central part of San Miguel from the village of Vila Franco do Campo.We'll leave the car at the viewpoint and go tracking to reach the lake. The whole trail is 6 km long and it'll take about 3 hours.

Then we'll drive to the east part to the valley of lake Furnas. We'll watch the fumaroles (steam fountains on the slopes or at thebottomof volcano) and the botanical garden. Then we'll relax in the thermal springs. In the evening we will return to the marina and arrange a traditional carnival with glitter and costumes.


Vila Franco do Campo — Franco do Campo — Ponta Delgada
At the beginning of the day we'll have a two-hour yacht trip to Ponta Delgada with a possible visit of the Vila Franco do Campo island. This island is a crater of an extinct volcano, which is 1 kilometer farfrom the coast of San Miguel. There is a natural pool of almost perfect round shape in the crater. We hope the weather will let us leave the anchor there, so we can go for a swim.

After lunch we'll explore the west coast of the island by car. We will start with Mosteiros beach. It's a great place to feel the power of the Atlantic. Then we'll go south to the viewpoint of Miradouro da Ponta do Escalvado and finally visit the hot springs of Ponta da Ferraria, the most famous location on the west coast of San Miguel. In the evening we'll return to Ponta Delgado.

DAY 7 and 8

Sete Cidades
To top it all off we'll visit the double lake of Sete Sidades, located in the stratovolcano caldera in the west of the island. One of the lakes with green water is Lagoa Verde, the other with blue water is Lagoa Azul. This place is the hallmark of the Azores. We'll have a look at the lakes from different viewpoints, we'll get there by car. Let's hope the weather will let us enjoy the spectacular views. We'll have lunch in Sete Sidades village at the bottom of the crater, near the lakes.

In the evening we'll have a farewell party, where we share our impressions of the trip and dream about the following ones.

In the morning of the 8th day we wake up, have breakfast and leave the yachts before 9:00.

*Our routes are carefully thought out, but the weather conditions can make adjustments.
Dream Team
Our professional friends-organizers will stay with us throughout the whole journey.
Dmitry Urazov
Captain and CEO of the project Potok
Hi there!

It's me, Dima Urazov, the founder and the captain of the 'U Yacht Team'. My passion for yachting came from my childhood, when my grandfather taught me to sail the boat called «Dragon». Since 2012 I am a licensed captain of the IYT standard. For the past six years I have participated in 12 cruises, 2 Göcek Race Week regattas with experienced captains and took courses in human survival in open water. I have been organizing sailing trips around the world since 2018. More than 50 guys fell in love with yachting after taking part in my trips.

My adventures are not only about yachts, but also about friends. I'm so lucky I have a lot of friends who live all over the world. On our trips, we often visit them and make beautiful memories together. Send letters or write on Facebook, join us!
Denis Brezhnev
Founder of project Perekati Goru
Held more than 18 multi-day trips in Europe, the Middle East and Russia. He has taken search and rescue and first aid courses. He completed basic and secondary training at the Vestra mountain school.
Sasha Takloo
Travel Photographer Perekati Goru from May 2018
Vera Goleva
Event-pruducer in Potok
Vera takes care of our social networks, helps to organize the trips and makes sure you feel comfortable during the whole journey.
Participation fee 1400 euro
What is included in the price:

— Place in double cabin
— Captain
— Guide service
— Rent a cars
— Learning the basics of sailing skills
— Motor boat
— Photographer
— Safety instruction
— Fuel and Parking
— Final cleaning of the yacht
— Bed linen and towel
What is not included:

— Flights to Ponta Delgada, San Miguel island ~ 300 euro
— Team purchase of products for a week ~ 50 euro per person
— Personal expenses ~ 150 euro

Stages of travel
Personal meeting
Prepayment for participation
Ticket purchase
Group meeting in the chat
Travel Instructions
Pre-party in Dor Dor gallery
Organizational details

Yachting is a team activity, so everyone takes part in making breakfast/lunch/dinner. You can help cooking, washing dishes or buy food at the supermarket.

We'll discuss our weekly menu and the necessary list of groceries in the chat, so we don't have to waste time during the trip. Less time for organizational details - more time for adventures!

A weekly team purchase of products will cost about 60€.

Our breakfast and lunch usually take place on a yacht, but dinners - in local restaurants and cafes.

Plane ticket

We advise you to have a connection flight with a stop in Lisbon, so you can spend some time in this wonderful city. But you can choose any other option, suitable to your demands.

The yacht is a 10-minute taxi ride from Azores' largest airport, Ponta Delgado.


The weather is changeable: the sun is shining, and then in 10 minutes it's raining. Therefore, you have to wear several layers of clothes. One of them should be waterproof. In October the weather is around +23 degrees during the day and +20 degrees at night. The water temperature is +22, so you can swim in the ocean, but it is better to do it in hot thermal springs.

We'll spend every night on a comfortable yacht with a kitchen, a living room, two toilets and a shower. The boat is equipped with double cabins and is designed for ten people. More information about the yacht can be found below.


You need a Schengen visa to travel to the Azores. You can apply for a visa in the Portuguese visa center in Moscow. We will make an invitation, if necessary.

How to get there

Each member of the expedition will receive detailed instructions how to get to the yacht.


Local currency is Euro.
What do you need to take?
Necessary equipment for yachting:

☐ A backpack or a 40-50 litre bag made of soft material, which fits in the cabin closet
☐ Wetproof jacket
☐ Waterproof pants
☐ Fleece jacket
☐ Yacht shoes: sneakers/shoes: check that the sole doesn't leave black marks on the surface in advance
☐ Light jacket: e.g. from Uniqlo
☐ Swimsuit
☐ Hairdryer

Necessary equipment for tracking:

☐ Short-sleeved synthetic T-shirt
☐ Fleece jacket
☐ Waterproof jacket
☐ Synthetic pants (preferably)
☐ Tracking shoes
☐ Sunglasses
☐ Backpack (20-30 l.)
☐ Personal first-aid kit (painkillers, regular bandages, patches, elastic bandages, if there are any problems with the knees, your own medicines)

☐Seasick pills: "Dramina" or "Avia More"
☐Microfiber towel
☐Reusable water bottle
☐Yachting gloves

Let's go!
Fill out the form and we'll contact you and answer your questions.
About travelling with us
What do our yachts look like?
We sail by the modern yacht — fr. yacht Dufour. The boat has everything you need for a comfortable life: 4 cabins with beds and wardrobes, 3 toilets with showers and hot water, a spacious living room with kitchen.

Most of the time we spend in the cockpit of the yacht (outdoor space), there is a table, sea air and sails.

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