Dmitry Urazov
CEO and Captain
Greek Voyage Voyage
Pine bays, picturesque islands and the ancient cities.
from 1st to 8th of June

8 days
9 islands
'Potok Regatta' — a new tradition of our project and a cool trip with friends. We'll gather participants from all over the world, place them on two sailing yachts and go on a beautiful adventure on the Greek Islands.

Saronic Islands are considered the greenest and most picturesque in Greece. Saronic Gulf — the sandy beaches, the scent of lemon groves, picturesque coves, Greek taverns with local wines and cheese.

We'll have walks in ancient cities, swimming in pine lagoons, sailing yacht race, picnic on the wild beach of the island of Angistri and our own Carnival with the awarding of the winners.

Yacht parking on a island Raney
Wild beach of the Greek island of Kea
Lunch in the Bay of the island of Kea
Anchorage at uninhabited Raney Island
Rest on a wild beach of the Raney Island
The sea voyage to the island of Syros
Our Sea Route

marina* Alimos, Athens
We'll arrive to Marina Alimos By 17:00 on our own, make check in on the yachts and buy food for the week. In the evening we'll have a team briefing, a party on the yachts or you can visit one of the local good restaurants.
We'll spend the night in comfortable yacht cabins. All nights we'll sleep in comfortable yacht cabins

*Marina — equipped Parking for yachts, there is everything you need for a comfortable life. Some of our night Parking will be in such places, there will be showers, laundries and shops.

marina Alimos — Moni — Angistri
We'll start the day with a quiet Breakfast on the yacht, then we'll go by two yachts to the picturesque Bay of the Moni island, where we'll be swimming, preparing lunch and drinking champagne. On the way, we'll practice how to set the sails, everyone will try to be a skipper, someone can get on the bow of the yacht and read a book.

At the night parking we'll go to Angistri, the island is juicy and fragrant, the aroma of pine trees extends for several kilometers around. We'll park in the southern part of the island, there is no civilization, only wildlife.

We'll continue to swim in warm water, if you want you can help with preparing a picnic and make a fire, later all of us will gather around the fire and we'll celebrate the opening of the season.

Angistri — Methana — Hydra
In the morning we'll meet the sunrise in the wild, have Breakfast and go to another island. The next stop is the sulphur springs of Methana island. On the way we'll set sails and enjoy the sea nature, you'll have time to read or you can just enjoy the local scenery.

We'll drop anchor when we arrive and bathe under the warm rays of the sun, we can visit a fishing village with historic architecture and turquoise water.

After lunch, we'll go to the historic island of Hydra, where they move only by mules and horses.

Hydra is an island of marine glory, and it's beautiful. In the evening we'll walk through the streets of the town, if you want you can visit historical museums, in the evening we'll enjoy sea delicacies and local wines in the tavern.
Full route

Hydra — Dokos — Spetces
We'll wake up surrounded yachts and rocky shores of the island of Hydra, have breakfast and learn the rules of the Regatta. The race will be held in two stages: the 1st segment to the mystical island of Dokos, where we'll make a parking for rest and lunch, the 2nd stage to the fragrant island of Spetses, where we'll organise a Urazov Retro Carnival with local bars and clubs, and reward the winners of the race.

Regatta is a great opportunity to compete with friends on yachts and feel all the beauty that gives yachting —
freedom, drive and beauty.

After the race and busy days we'll arrange a day of rest without yacht crossings. We advise you to go to the city In the morning and have Breakfast in a local restaurant with sea views and yachts — it's beautiful.

Take a moped and go on a trip around the island. The beaches are beautiful and clean, and the sand with pebbles gives the water a turquoise hue.

John Fowles 'The Magus' wrote — "Paxos (prototype Spetses in the novel) beautiful. Other epithets do not apply to it; it cannot be called simply beautiful, picturesque, charming - it is beautiful, clearly and artlessly".

Spetces — Poros
After cup of Greek coffee, we'll go to the island of Poros, this island famous for its lemon plantations. If you want you can learn how to navigate the maps and other basics of yachting, and someone will be skipper again.

After lunch we'll arrive in one of the quiet bays of the island of Poros, we'll go to explore the ancient city. On the island is the famous all over Greece Lemon forest, the surrounding area is immersed in the aromas of lemons, and the trees create an unusually beautiful landscape.

In the evening you'll see beautiful sunset and cook dinner on a yacht or you can go to the local restaurants.

DAY 7 and 8

Poros — Moni — marina Alimos, Athenes
We'll wake up quietly, swim in the sea and go to Athens with our yachts. For lunch we'll make parking on the island of Moni, where we'll enjoy the clear sea and the azure coast.

After lunch we'll go to our home marina Alimos, when we arrive we'll see a beautiful sunset. In the evening we'll organise a farewell Retro Party, where we'll share our impressions of the trip and dream about future travels .

In the morning of the 8th day we'll wake up, have breakfast and leave the yacht until 9:00.

* Our routes are thought out, but the weather conditions can make their own adjustments.
you don't need experience to participate.
we will teach you everything.

Dream Team
Our professional friends-organizers will stay with us throughout the whole journey.
Dmitry Urazov
Captain and CEO of the project Potok
Hi there!

It's me, Dima Urazov, the founder and the captain of the 'U Yacht Team'. My passion for yachting came from my childhood, when my grandfather taught me to sail the boat called «Dragon». Since 2012 I am a licensed captain of the IYT standard. For the past six years I have participated in 12 cruises, 2 Göcek Race Week regattas with experienced captains and took courses in human survival in open water. I have been organizing sailing trips around the world since 2018. More than 50 guys fell in love with yachting after taking part in my trips.

My adventures are not only about yachts, but also about friends. I'm so lucky I have a lot of friends who live all over the world. On our trips, we often visit them and make beautiful memories together. Send letters or write on Facebook, join us!
Andrey Kostyanov
Captain in Potok
He sailed on the Atlantic ocean, Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, a former teacher of the Academy MGAVT, captain of the category IYT Bareboat Skipper.
Vera Goleva
Event-pruducer in Potok
Vera takes care of our social networks, helps to organize the trips and makes sure you feel comfortable during the whole journey.
Petr Chirkov
The Rocket Man. The Leader of the creative association "Plasch", ambitious video maker and traveler. You enjoy his videos on our social networks.
Participation fee 550 euro
What is included in the price:

— Place in double cabin
— 2 captain-instructors
— Learning the basics of sailing skills
— Motor boat
— Photo and video
— Safety instruction
— Fuel and Parking
— Final cleaning of the yacht
— Bed linen and towel
What is not included:

— Ticket to Athens ~ 100-200 euro
— Team purchase of products for a week ~ 50 euro per person
— Personal expenses ~ 200 euro
Fill the form and we'll contact with you.
About travelling with us
What do our yachts look like?
We sail with modern yachts: Oceanis 41.1 and Sun Odyssey 45. The boat has everything you need for a comfortable life: 4 cabins with beds and wardrobes, 2-3 toilets with showers and hot water, a spacious living room with kitchen.

Most of the time we spend in the cockpit of the yacht (outdoor space), there is a table, sea air and sails.
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