Iceland expedition
Picnic on the black beach, whales and volcanoes
17th — 24th of August

8 days
10 people
470 km by yacht
700 km by car
We've been dreaming of visiting Iceland in order to see cosmic landscapes, volcanoes and, of course, whales. Now our dream has come true, we are going to Iceland !

In Iceland it is necessary to combine boththe ocean and land activities, so our route consists of ocean crossings and a long stay on the ground. We'll visit the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs (where blue is the actual colour). We'll land in wild bays, look for whales in the ocean crossings and explore the local nature by kayaks on request.

The price of our trip includes a rental car, which will take us to the south-east of the island to see the glacial lagoon of Jökülsaurlone, volcanic beaches and one of the most beautiful waterfall Skogafoss.

On Heimei Island, we'll climb to the Eldefellvolcano. It's completely safe, the last major eruption was in 1973. The island is located on the flyway of many species of birds, so while going up, we'll see the rookeries of colorful puffins. The full route of the expedition is below.

Dmitry Urazov
CEO and Captain
Hot spring 'Blue Lagoon'
Jökulsárlón Glacier
Volcano beach for our picnic
Skogafoss Waterfall
Sunset at the archipelago of Vestmannaeyjar
You know, Iceland is expensive, but we figured out how to make the trip budget and extraordinary.
We'll meet you five kilometers from the airport, you won't need to drive 50 km to Reykjavik and spend money on expensive tickets. We'll go everywhere by the yacht, except for the trip to the geothermal springs. All of our movements and expeditions by yacht and car are included in the price.
We live on a yacht during the whole expedition, and we'll stay in the heart of the capital on the last two days in Reykjavik.
We'll cook and eat on the yacht, there is a spacious kitchen with everything you need.
The expedition will start at Keflavik airport, so you don't need to spend money and time on the 50 km road trip to Reykjavik. We'll movethe yacht to the airport, you just have to take the bus for 5 km route. Less time for overland logistics, more time for traveling around Iceland. All expenses are included in the cost of the expedition except for plane tickets and meals. Our yacht is provided with showers and kitchen, and it's very comfortable to sleep in.
Our ocean route

The region of our expedition is not far from the Arctic circle, we will have white nights

We will dedicate the first day of the expedition to the organizational aspects: arrival, purchase of provisions, accommodation on a yacht, acquaintance with the team, training. We can go to the hot springs, they're located in every Icelandic village.

Reykjavik is located 50 km from the start of our trip. At the end of the program we'll have the opportunity to explore the capital of the island. We'll spend the last two nights in Reykjavik.


Keflavik — Grindavik
We'll go out into the ocean and make an ocean transition to the southern part of the Peninsula of Reykjavik. On the way we'll look for whales, go fishing, and stop for lunch in the wild bay. If you want you can go kayaking or visit the wild volcanic beach. By the sunset, we'll arrive at the fishing village of Grindavik. You can visit the local hot springs on request.

Grindavik — Heimaey island
We'll start the day surrounded by small houses and fishing boats. We'll prepare breakfast and go to the geothermal complex 'Blue Lagoon', where we'll swim in the blue water, relax in the local steam rooms and cover the bodywith clay. In the evening we'll have a dinner on a yachtwith sunset view and head to the island of Heimaey. If you want you can experience night navigation and learn navigation by the stars.

The history of the Blue lagoon began when in 1976 a geothermal power stationwas built, which used hot spring water for the benefit of the inhabitants of Iceland. Svartsengi is the first geothermal station in the world which produces combined hot water and electricity for the heat supply of Reykjavik.
Full route

Heimaey island — Thorlakshoefn
We'll stand by the island of Heimaey at dawn. Here is the volcano Elfel, we'll hike to its crater. The unique species of birds — Atlantic puffins - inhabit the rocky shores. We'll try to find their colony and keep an eye on them. Later we'll go to the big Earth, where we'll have a picnic on the volcanic beach and enjoy the space views.

In January 1973, due to the eruption of the volcano Eldfetl, the population of the island was urgently evacuated. The city was covered with a layer of black ash. Lava flowed gradually into the harbor of the island and froze, creating additional protection for the port from the ocean waves. After this event, the city of Heimei was named "Northern Pompeii" by the Icelanders.

Thorlakshoefn — Sandgerdi
On the fifth day we'll learn the basics of yachting, then we'll go kayaking at the wild bays and look for whales. In the evening we'll prepare dinner on the yacht and walk along the local rocky shores with views of the Atlantic.

We can see whales: cachalots, humpbacks, killer whales off the coast of Iceland every day.


Sandgerdi — Reykjavik
After having breakfast we'll go to the capital of Iceland — Reykjavik. Along the way we'll continue to enjoy space views, we'll learn how to set sails and keep the course. We'll park our yacht in the city center a few minutes from the sights . The port of Reykjavik is our final destination, but we'll spend one day and two nights more on the yacht.

Reykjavik is the northernmost and the cleanest capital of the world. It's also the richest city according to The Economist Group.
DAY 7 and 8

Reykjavik and glacier Jökulsárlón
Today we'll get rental car and go to the South-East of the island to see the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón.

Jökulsárlón is one of the few places in Iceland where you can see the most incredible icebergs from close range. The lagoon was formed less than a hundred years ago when one part of the glacier began to melt and retreat from the shore. Giant icebergs of intense blue color break away from the glacier and are in continuous motion. Sometimes their height reaches 30 meters.

On the way back we'll visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland - Skogafoss - and have a picnic on a volcanic beach.

In the morning of the 8th day we'll wake up, have breakfast and leave the yachts till 9:00. Those who want can go for a walk to Reykjavik and explore the local sights.

* Our routes are thought out, but the weather conditions can make their own adjustments.
Dream Team
Our professional friends-organizers will stay with us throughout the whole journey.
Dmitry Urazov
Captain and CEO of the project Potok
Hi there!

It's me, Dima Urazov, the founder and the captain of the 'U Yacht Team'. My passion for yachting came from my childhood, when my grandfather taught me to sail the boat called «Dragon». Since 2012 I am a licensed captain of the IYT standard. For the past six years I have participated in 12 cruises, 2 Göcek Race Week regattas with experienced captains and took courses in human survival in open water. I have been organizing sailing trips around the world since 2018. More than 50 guys fell in love with yachting after taking part in my trips.

My adventures are not only about yachts, but also about friends. I'm so lucky I have a lot of friends who live all over the world. On our trips, we often visit them and make beautiful memories together. Send letters or write on Facebook, join us!
Andrey Kostyanov
Captain in Potok
He sailed on the Atlantic ocean, Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, a former teacher of the Academy MGAVT, captain of the category IYT Bareboat Skipper.
Vera Goleva
Event-pruducer in Potok
Vera takes care of our social networks, helps to organize the trips and makes sure you feel comfortable during the whole journey.
Ekaterina Bolovtsova
Photographer and filmmaker
Katya direct and shoot music videos, travels around the world in her spare time. Katya's work can be found on the National Geographic pages.
Participation fee 1580 euro
What is included in the price:

— Place in double cabin
— Captain
— 2 rental cars for 1 day
— Fuel for cars
— Parking for cars
— Kayak
— Learning the basics of sailing skills
— Motor boat
— Photo and video of our trip
— Safety instruction
— Fuel for yacht
— Parking for yacht
— Final cleaning of the yacht
— Bed linen and towel
What is not included:

— Flights to Keflavik ~ 200 euro
— Team purchase of products for a week ~ 100 euro per person
— Personal expenses ~ 250 euro
— The entrance to the geothermal source 'Blue Lagoon' ~ 50 euro

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About travelling with us
What do our yachts look like?
We sail by the modern yacht - Bavaria 42. The boat has everything you need for a comfortable life: Wi-Fi, heating, 3 cabins with beds and wardrobes, 2 toilets with showers and hot water, a spacious living room with kitchen.

Most of the time we spend in the cockpit of the yacht (outdoor space), there is a table, sea air and sails.

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