Greek Voyage Voyage
Pine bays, picturesque islands and the ancient cities.
from 10th to 17th of August

Ionian Islands are considered the greenest and most picturesque in Greece. Ionian Islands— the sandy beaches, the scent of lemon groves, picturesque coves, Greek taverns with local wines and cheese.

You'll have walks in ancient cities, swimming in pine lagoons, picnic on the wild beach of the island of Corfu.

Yacht parking on a Corfu
Wild beach of the Greek island of Kea
Lunch in the Bay of the island of Kea
Anchorage at uninhabited Raney Island
Rest on a wild beach of the Raney Island
The sea voyage to the island of Syros
Your route

marina Gouvia, Corfu
You'll arrive to Marina Gouvia by 17:00 on your own, make check in on the yachts and buy food for the week. In the evening you'll have a team briefing, a party on the yachts or you can visit one of the local good restaurants. In Corfu you can visit temple of Artemis and Old fortress of Corfu town.

You'll spend the night in comfortable yacht cabins. All nights you'll sleep in comfortable yacht cabins


marina Gouvia, Corfu — Syvota
The first transition of your journey starts in the yachting Marina of Gouvia in Corfu and ends at one of the anchorages of a small archipelago of Syvota. The length of the crossing is 24 nautical miles. The way your boat will pass through Corfu sea (Thalassa Kerkiraiki).

The Islands of Sivota or the port of Murtos are ideal for the first day of a yacht trip. Crossing just 24 nautical miles and a wide choice of Parking for every taste - you can moor on a yacht at the waterfront in the bustling resort town of Murtos, you can stand in the Monastery Bay at the pontoon nightclub, and you can hide in the silence of the wild Bay. Nevertheless, wherever you stay on your yacht, there will be clean water and the opportunity to swim well.

Syvota — Preveza
You are heading towards the island of Lefkada and you have to go through the channel between the mainland and Lefkada, which presents some difficulties in terms of navigation, choose a place to spend the night as close as possible to the entrance to this channel to pass the dangerous places in the morning and have time to go the next day.

Here you will visit historical monuments such as the castle of Ali Pasha, which stands proudly over the beautiful city of Parga. Preveza is the administrative, cultural. The castle, standing on the shore, the quaint narrow streets of the old districts; ancient Nicopolis and Acheron with Necromancy (predictor of death) ; Byzantine churches and Venetian castles, heroic Hall and romantic Parg.

Preveza — Meganisi
The crossing is quite short - 18 nautical miles. The first half of the way of the yacht passes through the channel between Lefkada island and the mainland, the second - on the so-called Inland sea. The first part of the transition is quite difficult from a navigational point of view - narrow channels surrounded by shoals.

Wafi is the main port of the island and a popular tourist center. It is located on the North coast of the island in a well-protected natural harbour. Vafi is a picturesque town with labyrinths of cobbled streets, snow-white stone houses, churches and a picturesque promenade with numerous white yachts and boats. In the local taverns and restaurants you can relax and enjoy the excellent Greek cuisine.

Meganisi — Ithaca
The road from Meganisi to Ithaca passes through the so-called Inland Sea. To the port of Vathi is 22 nm.

Vathi is a cozy, tight and built, the city suffered greatly from the earthquake of 1953, but has survived some beautiful pieces of architecture.
Less than a block from the waterfront, on the Kallinikos, has a small Archaeological Museum of Vathy. The city has a Cultural and ethnographic Museum.

The most famous attraction of the island of Meganisi – a huge sea cave Papanikolis, where during the Second world war was hiding a Greek submarine. It is the second largest such cave in Greece.

Ithaca — Paxos
The transition of Ithaca, Paxos long is 64 nm, is dominated by North-westerly winds for the most part it will be running downwind. There are no navigation problems on the way. The final destination is the port of Lakka in the North of Paxos island.

Gaios. It's the capital of the island. A typical resort town, with a maze of winding narrow streets. There are two ports here. One is for fishing ships, the other is for ferries, yachts and other civilian vessels. In Gaios you can go to the local historical Museum, visit the Church of the ascension of the virgin. In the vicinity of the city you can see an active lighthouse, olive oil Museum and ancient Orthodox churches.
DAY 7 and 8

Paxos — marina Gouvia, Corfu
From Paxos back to the start point - Gouvia Marina in Corfu. The length of the transition is 30 nm. In the Marina you rent a rented yacht to a Charter company and go home to plan new yacht trips.

In the morning of the 8th day you'll wake up, have breakfast and leave the yacht until 9:00.
Cost of rent 3300 euro

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